Your wife may not be Mary Poppins, but I can guarantee she's got A LOT of stuff in her purse.

A women's purse isn't just a place to carry her wallet, keys, and phone. That is simply the beginning. The bare minimum of a purse if you will. If that's all we needed to carry, we wouldn't need big purses. But we don't just need the bare minimum, we need space for everything we've ever needed in any given moment.

From snacks, to medical supplies, to stain remover, to sewing kits, to basically anything you can need. If you need it, a women nearby has it in her purse. I honestly feel bad for men only having their pockets to rely on.

We asked Rockford women what the STRANGEST thing in their purse is. Sure you have your every day basics. But sometimes something random ends up in your purse and it takes permanent residency for a while. And it makes no sense compared to the rest of the contents. These answers are hilarious. I have so many questions about so many of these responses.

I'm also inspired to put way more stuff in my purse. Let's unzip, unbutton, and untie some purses to look inside.

25 Of The Strangest Items Rockford Women Carry in Their Purse

The bigger the purse, the bigger the possibilities.

Here's some questions that I have based off that list.

  • Was the pitcher of beer full?
  • How big is this plush possum?
  • Do you use exercise dice at given time during the day?
  • How many tiny hands are in the purse?

This is your sign to clean out your purse this weekend.

Feel free to add to our list!

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