I've seen just about everything when I drove around the Loop in Chicago a few years ago. But, even I have never seen a dude driving around with a pet snake like one driver just did.

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This brand new video was shared with a very simple explanation:

A guy driving holding his 12-year-old pet snake on the west side of Chicago

How did the person who captured the video know how old the snake was? I have so many questions.

This begs the question "is it legal to drive with a pet snake around your neck?" Believe it or not, that subject has been covered by a conversation on the website Police Station. Animal Nerdz says it's OK, but they're nerds, so...the consensus among commenters was that it would be considered distracted driving. Can you imagine what the ticket for that would look like?

It's another "meanwhile, in Chicago" moment. Trust me when I tell you that just because you've never seen it happen doesn't mean it won't someday (or has already) in the Windy City.

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