Who said education doesn't pay? It does, in huge numbers even after you retire.

With the state of Illinois passing a budget that left Illinois workers with a 32% income tax increase, lawmakers blamed the need for the tax increase to pay pension costs of employees. That being said, the public's attention has turned to pension costs not only at the state level, but also at the local level.

Any homeowner who has looked his or her annual property tax bill will tell you school pension costs account for large portion of your property taxes. Yes, property tax owners are footing the bill for school district employee's pensions.

What's shocking is how much some retired educators make. Forbes estimates that retired Illinois educators cost taxpayers $900 million in 2015. In Rockford, some retired educators are making a staggering amounts, and will continue to do so for years to come. .


1. Alan Brown (retired Superintendent)  $13,574.00 a month ($162,888 a year)

2. Robert Willis (Retired Superintended) $12,486 a month ($149,832 a year)

3. Linda Hernandez (Fmr Dist 205 Interim Superintendent)  $10,126 a month ($121,512 a year)

4. William Bowen $9,719 a month ($116,628 a year)

5. Ann V Anderson $8,929 a month ($107,148 a year)

6. Larson Randall  (Former Principal) $8,597 a month ($103,164 a year)

7. Edward Ruef $8,437 a month ($101,244 a year)

8. Marna Lovett $8,398 a month ($100,776 a year)

9. Jane Heimer $8,375 a month ($100,500 a year)

10. Peter Paris (East High Principal) $8,357 a month ($100,284 a year)

SOURCE: OpenTheBooks

Forbes estimates that as of 2015,  7499 retired Illinois educators who pulled-down a pension of $100,000 or more a year. Being in the education field DOES pay.

To find out how educator pensions you are paying in your community, click HERE.


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