Who says education doesn't pay? The list is out of Rockford School District's highest paid staff members.

As is required by Illinois law, compensation of all state and government employees, including teachers and administrators, are required to be made public.

Rockford Public School District 205 Top 10 Salaries as of 2015
1. Jarrett, Ehren R $231,788.00 Superintendent
2. Vosberg, Matthew T $196,440.00 Assistant Superintendent
3. Hickman, Theodore T $151,540.00 Former Assistant Superintendent (now with Hiawatha Schoold District
4. Jacobson, Vicki C $151,540.00 Former ‎Asst. Supt. for Elementary Ed.
5. Bradley,  Ankhe $140,315.00 Former Assistant Superintendent (Now works with Joliet School District)
6. Woestman, Daniel S $134,702.00 strategic planning for the Rockford School District
7. Cyrus, Colleen M $133,309.00 Special Education Director
8. Rundall, Donald L $129,847.00 Jefferson High School Principal
9. Hawkins, Janice M $125,824.00 Auburn High School Principal
10.Hite-carter, Angela M $123,477.00 Executive Director, Student Services and Alternative Learning

It's important to note that the teachers in the Rockford School System earn less than the administration by far, you can see the full list of every Rockford teacher salary. The highest salary for teachers in $79,779 a year.

Interestingly, Rockford teachers earn much less then their counterparts in other parts of the state. Check out the list of what Northwestern Suburban District 211 teachers make, you will see salaries in excess of $150,000 a year.

You can view the full list of Rockford teacher salaries here as it appears on the RPS205 official website.

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