UPDATE: My sources have confirmed all RPS205 District staff have received their direct deposits as of 11:15 AM.

There aren't many things more frustrating when you wake up expecting to be paid by your employer via direct deposit. That's exactly what happened to RPS205 teachers and staff this morning. Considering most of us that have direct deposit also have bills that are automatically withdrawn on pay day, learning the funds aren't there can be frustrating and costly. So what happened and who is to blame?

Sources tell me teachers and staff aren't 100% sure who to blame for the "unintentional error." An unpaid staffer said they were told to contact Associated Bank in regards to the error should overdraft related fees occur. Associated Bank handles RPS205's accounts. The Rockford Education Association (REA) quickly notified its members of this information.

We have expressed to the superintendent and chief human resources officer the frustration of all REA members and are communicating the real difficulties this creates for so many households.

REA didn't wait long to get this problem solved. In fact, they met Nikki Thorn, RPS205 CFO, first thing this morning.

We met with district's chief financial officer and are pushing for the soonest possible payment of the money owed to all of us We will keep you informed of future developments.

Sources say Thorn notified all RPS205 staff via email that an "unintentional error" occurred causing all District-wide staff did not receive their 8/25/17 direct deposit. She added,

Please assured that all employees will be paid and we will communicate shortly the exact timeframe that can be expected for payment.

Bank-related error or not, it's another bad piece of news RPS205 could do without.

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