Did you know that 3.14% of all sailors are PIrates?

Whitney Martin via Facebook

There's nothing like a good dad joke, except for that one. But, no matter how great your dad joke might be, none of them are as great as what you're about to see. As you can see, this boat has a unique name that has been blurred out. The text isn't hidden because of NSFW language. It's hidden because it's too good to spoil.

So what is this boat named? Well, to be honest, it has a very special name involving you. That's right, the boat is named After You. Steve Martin named his boat "After You" so that whenever someone asks what his boat's name is he can say, "It's named after you." (Cue rim shot.) Oh, and Steve Martin is his real name.

Whitney Martin via Facebook

His daughter, former Rockford news anchor Whitney Martin, said he used to check into hotels on business trips and there would be signs that read, "Welcome, Steve Martin." There's no doubt the man with the same name as a legendary comedian is also a comedian himself. Keep the dad jokes coming, Steve Martin. (The Rockford one.)


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