With 2015 coming to an end, let's do a a bit of reminiscing and take a look back at the year we had at Q98.5.

We had an awesome year enjoying some great country concerts, raised thousands of dollars for St Jude Children's Research Hospital, a ton of toys at our annual 12 hours of Salvation Army Toy drive.... all while having a ton of fun! At the opposite end of things we also dealt with the tragedy of the Fairdale tornado.

Q98.5 keep you up to date on anything and everything happening right here in Rockford and the Stateline Area on our website at Q98.5online.com. From frostquakes, to Chick-Fil-A, to the Fairdale tornado, we covered it all.

So, just for fun, I went back though all the great stories we published in 2015 and found the 10 most popular articles you were talking about and sharing over the past year.

HERE is your Top 10 for 2015

#10 House Make that Popping Sound? Frostquakes are Back in Rockford

In the winter, you may hear what sounds like gunshots coming from your house as temperatures drop. These are called Frostquakes

#9 Wisconsin's largest drive-thru Christmas display

There is a Southern Wisconsin Christmas display that claims to be Wisconsin's largest drive-thru display. See it for yourself.

#8 Five Foods You Should Throw Out After It's Expiration Date

Check your refrigerator and cupboards, and throw out these five foods if they expired

#7 Incredible Video of the Fairdale Tornado Storm Path By Air [Watch]

It is the absolutely amazing to see the devastation from the Fairdale EF4 tornado from the air. Check out a video tour of the entire path the tornado

#6 Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo Devasted by Tornado, Your Help is Needed

The Fairdale tornado not only affected human life, but also affected a number of animals. Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo was hit and was devastated by one of the tornadoes that swept through the stateline

#5 Coco Key Water Resort Remains Condemned Due to Unsanitary Conditions

For over a year now complaints have been coming in about unsafe and unsanitary conditions at CoCo Key, which eventually led the Winnebago County Health Department to force a temporary closure on the water resort back on April 20.

#4 Chicago Has the Creepiest Sounding Tornado Siren [Video and Audio]

You have to see and hear this, a totally eerie sound. I have never heard a siren sound like this. Just plain weird!

# 3 Illinois Passes New Dog Law

Starting January 1 in Illinois, it will be against the law to leave pets outside in extreme temperatures in Illinois. Here's what you'll need to know.

#2 Eight Creepy Illinois Roads to Travel... If You Dare [List] (tie)

Illinois, is a great place for road trips, but there are some roads in our state that just creep people out and many are right here in the Stateline.

#2 The 25 Worst Towns in Wisconsin (tie)

Most people when they talk about Wisconsin, brag about the state. Of course, anywhere is better than Illinois, right? Well, every state has it's favorite towns, but some towns don't seem to measure up.

#1 Watch What Happens to Your Chick-Fil-A Styrofoam Cup

Wow! We bet you had no idea that’s what they did with all of those cups did you? Watch the video