In April 2015 a massive tornado ripped through a small town in Northern Illinois, causing chaos and destruction. The tornado was rated an EF-4, with winds gusting up to 200 mph. Residents in Fairdale, Illinois had little to no warning, leaving the small town's roughly 150 residents very little time to seek shelter.

The monstrous tornado took out homes, businesses, trees, and cars, caused many injuries, and killed two residents. Emergency responders from nearby towns rushed to the scene to help with the rescue and recovery efforts, with the National Guard being called in to assist in the search for survivors.

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Fairdale wasn't the only town that felt the wrath of the EF-4 tornado. The National Weather Service shared this:

This long-tracked violent tornado destroyed numerous homes and farmsteads, as well as tossed vehicles, along its path from north central Lee County across eastern Ogle, northwest DeKalb, into extreme southern Boone County.

This included across the far northwest side of Rochelle, across Interstate 39, and directly through Fairdale.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The aftermath of the tornado was shocking. Many homes were completely destroyed, leaving families with nothing. The Fairdale Country Store and the post office were also badly damaged, and the only church in town, the Union Congregational Church, lost its steeple. The tornado slammed into Fairdale and reminded us all how dangerous nature can be.


What's the amazing thing was how the people of Fairdale bounced back from the tragedy. They stuck together, helped each other out, and rebuilt their town like champs. Not to mention residents of neighboring towns helping in any way they could.

Talk about toughness and resilience! It just goes to show you that when things get tough, Fairdale knows how to come together and get stuff done.

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On April 9, 2015, a massive tornado ripped through Fairdale, Illinois. The storm took out homes, businesses, trees, and cars. It also injured many and killed two residents.

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