As Illinois residents continue to clean up and recover from the devastating storms that rolled through the area on Friday night, shocking photos and videos of the destruction are going viral on social media.

Weather Officials Confirm 9 Tornadoes Hit Northern IL & Southern WI Friday Night

I'm sure we would all agree that it was terrifying to live in the Stateline area this past Friday night. As seasoned mid-westerners, we may know how to deal with severe weather situations, but that doesn't make them any less terrifying or heartbreaking.

As of Saturday, April 1, the National Weather Service has confirmed that 9 different tornadoes ripped through Illinois and Wisconsin on Friday night and that they are still surveying within the Rockford city limits to determine if a tornado touched down within the city as well.

Terrifying Illinois Tornado Videos and Pictures

As I sat huddled in my basement with my family on Friday night, my heart broke over and over again as I kept an eye on the weather situation on social media.

I first saw this video captured by a Belvidere resident's Ring cam that faces South right near Walmart in Belvidere...

And this one from Byron, Illinois...

The destruction throughout the Stateline area is massive, and honestly, I am speechless as I continue to look at pictures like this...

More Severe Weather Threats in Illinois

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but I think it's important to know that conditions are looking very favorable for another round of severe storms in the Stateline tomorrow...

Please keep in mind, these storm threats are not set in stone yet, but you better start planning ahead...just in case.

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