Every Tuesday I celebrate Taco Tuesday with a stop to get my favorite Javi's Tacos from CJ's with the Taco Supreme, no onion, with beans and rice.

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On the First Thursday in April, we celebrate National Burrito Day with the tasty Mexican favorite, wrapped in a heavy tortilla.

What's the History of the Burrito in America?

Back in the 1930's the Burrito was introduced in the United States on the menu of the El Cholo Spanish Café in Los Angeles. By the 1960's Mexican food was finding a home in many communities around the country as then-President Nixon traveled to Tiajuana for Mexican food and would have tacos brought to the White House, according to TheFoodWeKnow.com.

If we celebrate National Burrito Day in Rockford we must know who you think serves up the most beautiful, big Burrito in the area.

Here are the 9 Best Burritos in the Rockford Area.

Best Burritos in Rockford Illinois

National Burrito Day is the first Thursday in April

Gallery Credit: Johnny Vincent

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