This DeKalb theater is haunted by not just one ghost but two.

They have proof of it too. reports that the grand Egyptian Theatre built in 1928 just before the market crash and the great depression held many a shows from vaudeville acts to movies and later concert from then until the 1970's when it fell into disrepair.

The theater was saved by a group of citizens in 1978 to help preserve it and put it on the National National Register of Historic Places. It is now one of only six remaining Egyptian Revival theaters in the United States.

It's been reported that one of the ghosts that haunts the theater is that of Irvan 'Irv' Kummerfeldt. According to the Egyptian theatre and, "Irvan “Irv” Kummerfeldt, an NIU associate professor of journalism and a co-founder of Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre (P.E.T.), died of a heart attack at the top of “Aisle One” in the Egyptian Theatre’s auditorium in 1988."

Many staff and visitors have said that Irv haunts the theater as they "reported seeing a man who fits Kummerfeldt’s description in the theater. Witnesses say they see Kummerfeldt for a moment and then he disappears."

Also, there is another ghost simply name Bob that hangs out in the theater too.

Patrons and staff have witnessed "objects move on their own, doors have opened on their own, and people have felt a tap on their shoulder when no one else is around. Occasionally, footsteps have been heard echoing across the empty stage."

The theater does hold overnight haunting tours and paranormal investigations to see for themselves of the strange phenomenon that happens there.

In fact, below are a few things they've captured on film and on audio recordings of paranormal activities at the Egyptian Theatre.

In this video a strange ball of light passes through the upper doorway at the 40 second mark of this recording.


Plus, click here to listen to a couple of audio recordings that were picked up while investigating the Egyptian.

Oooh that's creepy.

I don't know what I'd do if something tapped me on the shoulder or I saw a door opening on it's own.

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