Dekalb Illinois

DeKalb Applebee's Big Error
If you got your hopes all up that the DeKalb Applebee's was re-opening... Well don't. Hopes of that happening have been dashed by what they're saying was a technical error.
Sinkhole in DeKalb
Usually, when we hear about sinkholes we think it's in Florida or California, but not today. This one was discovered in DeKalb this morning.
Chili's Coming Soon
Hey Husky fans, if you've been craving Chili's awesome chips and salsa, margaritas and more, just a heads up Chili's is moving into your territory very soon!
DeKalb's Oldest Cub Fan
Face it. We Cub fans have been waiting a long time for a World Series win, but none of us have been waiting as long as this DeKalb Cub fan. Try over 100 years!

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