An Illinois man took his feud with his neighbor up a notch by posting a sign in his yard.

The Daily Chronicle shares that DeKalb resident Ray Feltz posted a sign in his yard that stated his neighbor Guy Homa was responsible for killing his dog.

Mark Busch -; Daily Chronicle
Mark Busch -; Daily Chronicle

"DeKalb Police Cmdr. Steve Lekkas said there is no evidence to support Feltz's accusation that Guy Homa, Feitz's neighbor, poisoned " his dog.

Mr. Feltz, however, is determined to keep the sign up as he said "this sign is not coming down until there’s a U-Haul in their driveway and they move out of here."


If you look at this sign in very small print it states "I Think" Guy Homa poisoned my dog.

(Also, on a side note he should have spell checked his sign poisoned is wrong.)

The Feltz family believes that Homa's lawn fertilizer that he spread on his lawn using a hand crank to spread it is what caused their 10 year old yorkie's death. Their dog loved to eat grass and after Homa used fertilizer their dog stopped eating, suffered kidney failure and later died.

Apparently the DeKalb police department has record that this feud has been ongoing and several reports have been filed, including Homa stating his tires were slashed after the "Feltzes said they'd warned Homa that if he parks on the street, he would get a ticket."

WOW! This feud is bad.

As for the sign is it wrong or illegal to have posted?

DeKalb's code compliance coordinator, Carl Leoni, "said there's nothing the city can do about the sign, as it's not a political sign. It just appears to be an expression of his First Amendment (rights) – whether it’s in good taste or not.” 

I would hate to be living in this neighbor seeing that sign everyday. I feel bad for the Homa residence to be attacked that way and I feel sad for the Feltz family in the loss of their dog and companion and feeling injustice has been done to them.

I really hope this gets resolved in a peaceful matter and the fighting stops.





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