An Illinois woman tried to pay back a former employer that she's allegedly accused to have stolen from.

The Daily Chronicle shares that Cynthia R. Jensen of Kingston, IL used money that her gaming parlor in DeKalb made to pay back more than $250,000 she "allegedly" embezzled from her former employer, Southern Lakes Publishing LLC of Delvan, WI.

Cynthia was the general manager for the company that "publishes several papers including the Lake Geneva Times and other papers in southern Wisconsin counties" as well as "newspapers in Belvidere and elsewhere in Northern Illinois."

Ms. Jensen is claiming the money was loaned to her but the co-owners of Southern Lakes Publishing LLC, Peter and John Cruger, say she allegedly stole the money. As they made no such loan to Jensen.

The complaint says that "Jensen forged seven checks to herself or her husband from Nov. 21, 2017, to Jan. 26, 2018; she also arranged online payments from the newspaper companies to a personal bank account."

Then she turned around and used the money from her gaming business in DeKalb, CJ’s Gaming, to make payments to the Crugers as an intention to pay back the money taken.

The two brothers met with Ms. Jensen in February about the missing money and "she admitted she’d made the transactions, but said she’d done nothing illegal and had paid back the companies."

They arranged another meeting in March, which she failed to show up for, but she "left her key and other company property, as well as a note stating a file on her computer, broke down how she owed the companies more than $115,000. She sent a check for a little less than $100,000." and a hope that the brothers would "sign a document showing the money was a loan."

At present, Ms. Jensen has been "charged by authorities in Walworth County, Wisconsin, with seven counts of identity theft and two counts of theft, according to a criminal complaint filed in late September in Walworth County court."

Oh! Wow! This is messy.

It looks as if she did steal the money, yet she's been paying it back and says it was a loan.

In all honesty, I'm glad I'm not the lawyers or even the judge who will have to straighten this mess out and make a ruling.






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