The Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, Illinois is hosting an evening of drinks and ghosts.

At this point, I think we are all looking for fun things to do. Besides the pandemic, we are finally coming out of the snow, cold, ice, and winter weather. We are getting an actual taste of spring this week which is nice.

Of course, we need to do a little research to find activities to keep us busy. At this point, there are no concerts, plays, shows, or movies to entertain us. At the same time, theaters do not have all of those types of events to host to bring customers in to spend money to keep their business going. So the venues are coming up with creative ways to generate revenue to help the place survive these difficult times.

Luckily, many of the smaller theaters in Illinois have a history that includes ghosts. They can host ghost hunts in their buildings because people love them. I have been on a couple myself and they are a good time. Just say the words "paranormal activity" and people are interested.

I think residents are also looking for ways to get out of the house and enjoy a couple of adult beverages. Imagine if someone could combine the adventure of a ghost hunt with the pleasure of drinking. I believe that could be a very successful and popular event.

If that would be something that interests you, then I suggest taking a road trip to the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb for their Boo'ze and Spirits Tour.

From the Egyptian Theatre Facebook page...

According to,

"Join the Theatre staff as they share all the secrets and stories with a ‘balcony to backstage’ tour that focuses not only on the history of the 91-year-old building but also all of the Theatre’s ghostly guests. This tour, which is in the dark using only your flashlights, starts in our lobby and will include climbing stairs and extended periods of standing. Doors open 1 hour prior to the tour beginning. Be sure to grab a drink from our new concessions stand to make it a truly spirited evening!"

That sounds like a fun night out. Do not wait to purchase your tickets because they will sell out fast. To purchase tickets, HERE.

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