Although this Illinois state park is known for it's beauty, with it's rock canyons and waterfalls. It's also haunted by the gruesome acts that were committed here.

Starved Rock State Park is just a little over an hour south of Rockford.  I'm willing to bet most of us have been there at least once in our lives to either camp or hike or maybe both. It really is a pretty place.

However, underneath all it's beauty there is a sinister past from a triple murder being committed there, to starvation of a tribe of Native American's. By the way, because of those starving Indians, that's how it got it's name of 'Starved Rock'.

According to Mysterious Heartland, as the legend has been told, the "Potawatomi Indians trapped a group of Illiniwek on the butte and starved them into submission, giving the rock formation its name."

American Hauntings said that as the Illiniwek numbers started to decrease because of starvation, the warriors that tried to escape off the rocks where captured and murdered in the forests surrounding them.

Oh gross, I can only imagine what fates they met.

Then on "March 14th,1960, three women [on a weekend trip] were [raped and brutally] murdered in the park, and their bodies were found in one of the canyons. Eventually, a man named Chester Weger was arrested  and convicted of the crime."

Whoa... that's serious stuff.

To this day, those visiting the park have claimed to hear "groans and other disembodied voices amidst the rock formations" haunting the areas where the murdered women were as well as where the Illiniwek Indians were starved to death on the rock.

Oooh... now that's creepy. That would freak me out if I heard that. I'd be high tailing it back to the car.

You know, I never knew about that triple murder. Did you?

I also, had no idea that's how the park got it's name.

Yeesh.. kind of morbid when you think about it. They named it for the starving Indians. Yeah ok, that's really neat.. Umm, no not really.

By the way, if you'd like to read more about the triple murders and the capture of Chester Weger, click here. I will say this, it is an interesting read. Although it it is very gruesome in description. It definitely is not for the faint of heart.