It's not common to be physically attacked when you're ghost hunting. It's even wilder to think that the attack might have come by the ghost of a famous gangster, but that's exactly what one investigator had happen when he was exploring an Illinois jail.

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A major YouTube channel named Truly with over 9.6 million subscribers shared this video recently of a ghost hunt in the Old Lake County Jail. Here's a snippet of what they shared about what they experienced there:

When Connor Biddle discovers a red mark on his neck after going into a haunted jail, he believes it’s a message from the afterlife. The Old Lake County Jail, in Chicago Illinois, was home to one of the most infamous gangsters of the 20th century, John Dillinger. From September 1933 until July 1934, he and his gang terrorised the Midwest, murdering 10 people, robbing banks and staging 3 jail breaks. Paranormal investigator, Zeke Sethwill, believes that the scratch on Connor’s neck is a sign that Dillinger’s spirit still haunts the abandoned jailhouse.

The physical marks are visible immediately at the beginning of the video.

This is quite a significant mark.

truly via YouTube
truly via YouTube

Here's a fun fact. Even though the Old Lake County Jail has long been associated with Chicago, it's technically in Indiana. Haunted Hoosiers? Guess so.

This group isn't the only one to have strange happenings occur in this jail. Paranormal Milwaukee had a laundry list of strange experiences including cold spots, voices and objects moving during their time there.

There are also some fun stories shared on the Old Jail's Facebook page. It's possible that the gangster history of this incarceration place is becoming an epicenter of paranormal physical activity. Better watch your neck if you go there.

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