Today is day three of being back to school for my oldest daughter.

On day two of school, she came home with a different face mask on than the one we sent her to school with.

Why? Because she soaked her original face mask and "couldn't find" the spare one I had tucked in a baggie in her backpack, so her school had to provide her with a disposable mask to finish the day with.

I imagine this is a typical problem happening at schools all across the nation, and I'm assuming it is exactly why the Stephenson County Health Department is now asking for the community's help.

It's going to be a rainy weekend, so if you can sew or have an operational sewing machine, would you mind firing up your skills to help keep students and staff safe at Freeport-area schools?


There are no specific colors of patterns required for these donated masks, but the Stephenson County Health Department does ask that you follow one of these three CDC approved patterns when making them. One of the patterns contained in that link is a new-sew option for those, like me, that are challenged with a needle and thread but still want to help.

Finished mask donations can be dropped off during regular business hours at the Stephenson County Health Department offices located at 10 W Linden St. in Freeport, IL.

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