The national media firm "America's Best Restaurants" has named a restaurant in Freeport, Illinois as one of the best in America and will be filming an episode there on Monday, December 4, 2023.

America's Best Restaurants

Here's one truth about me, I do NOT like to cook. It's rare to find me perusing Pinterest for new recipes to try, and cooking shows are not something I regularly watch, but soon I'll be checking out 'America's Best Restaurants' on social media for one very important reason. Before we get to the exciting news, let's dive into what America's Best Restaurants is all about.

America's Best Restaurants via Facebook
America's Best Restaurants via Facebook

Quite simply, 'America's Best Restaurants' focuses on highlighting "independently owned restaurants" throughout the country that people nominate as "the best". Episodes air on the America's Best Restaurants social media channels and feature fun, hands-on videos about what makes these chosen restaurants so unique, special, and delicious.

Here's one they recently filmed at a restaurant in Elgin, Illinois...

This December America's Best Restaurants will be rolling into Illinois, which is not a first for them, but it will be the first time the crew has highlighted a restaurant in Freeport, Illinois.

This Is It Eatery in Freeport, Illinois

When my family wants to go out to eat, we often head to Freeport because we live in Pecatonica.  This Is It Eatery located at 16 N Chicago Ave. in Freeport is one restaurant we haven't tried yet, but that will be changing very soon!

Google Street View
Google Street View

This Is It Eatery offers dine-in and carryout and specializes in classic American cuisines like steaks, burgers, wings, appetizers and so much more. The restaurant consistently scores high reviews on Yelp! and Facebook, and it definitely looks like an eatery the whole family will enjoy.

This Is It Eatery to Be Featured on America's Best Restaurants

On Monday, December 4, 2023, the crew from America's Best Restaurants will be filming a new episode at This Is It Eatery to let the whole world see why this restaurant is such a special part of the Freeport community.

The restaurant's owner, Greg Miller, told;

We’ve had people from all over the county come in. Numerous times someone will come in and say ‘We’re from New York and we’d pay $150 for that steak and it wouldn’t be as good’

This Is It Eatery wants our help to choose which of their dishes should be featured on the show, so if you've had the pleasure of eating there before, the time to voice your choice is now!

Congratulations, This Is It Eatery! I can't wait to come and dine with you very soon!

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