Canadian geese can be graceful, but around Rockford's parks they are just nuisances and their droppings are just plain nasty. The Park District is looking for volunteers and dogs to help chase them off.

WIFR reports that their Goose Management Program is in need of volunteers and herding type dogs to help keep the park's and other facilities geese free.

Their current dog, Jet a border collie, is 14 years old and is ready to be retired.He started chasing the geese in the program back in 2005.

With the onset of fall,the Park District is gearing up for the onslaught of the migratory birds. Having volunteers and dogs ready and in place will help deter the birds from settling in our Rockford Parks.

According to Laura Gibbs-Green with the Rockford Park District. they are looking for volunteers "who are interested in being active, being out in the community, being out at our different parks and facilities, getting in some additional steps and fitness." Also the volunteers can set their own hours and schedule in helping to control the geese population in the parks.

"The Rockford Park District is looking for volunteers which includes owners and their friendly dogs to help move geese. The recommended dog breeds include Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or other “look-a-like” breeds. Volunteers need to complete an application and pass a background check before starting training."

If you're interesting in volunteering visit or contact Jan Davis at 815-987-8847 or email

Wow! I think that's kind of cool. You get in exercise, see all the beauty of Rockford's parks all the while helping maintain the parks and control the geese.

Boy! I sure wish I had a dog. In fact, although I always talk about wanting another husky, I've always wanted a Border collier or Australian Shepherd dog. Hmm...If I get one then I could kill two birds (no pun intended) with one stone. If I have a dog we both get exercise and we get rid of the annoying geese and all their nasty goose poop. I really hate seeing that on the bike path.



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