Decorate for Stroll on State
November 25th in downtown Rockford launches the Christmas season with the fun of Stroll on State. Help is needed to make centerpiece of evening look good. The RACVB needs volunteers to decorate the Christmas tree.
Help Harvey's Victims
A generous group of volunteers from Illinois are headed to Texas to help Harvey's victims. If you're unable to go, here are several ways you can help out.
Help Chase Off Geese
Canadian geese can be graceful, but around Rockford's parks they are just nuisances and their droppings are just plain nasty. The Park District is looking for volunteers and dogs to help chase them off.
Coloring Book of Rockford
Adult Coloring books are all the fade these days. In fact, I got a couple for Christmas this year.
The RACVB is in the process of making an Adult Coloring book all about Rockford and they need volunteer artists to draw area landmarks for the book.
Volunteer in Ogle County
If April 9th's EF-4 tornado taught us one thing it is volunteerism.
That's why Ogle County is encouraging more people to become volunteers, especially for times just like that.

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