If you live in the Rockford area and you love shopping at Crimson Ridge, I'm sure you are still a little shocked and sad that they will soon be permanently closing the gift/merchandise part of the store, but wait...it just got worse.

Crimson Ridge in Rockford, Illinois Is Permanently Closing the Entire Store

When the news first broke back in August that Crimson Ridge would be ceasing the merchandise and gift part of its business, many loyal shoppers were happy to hear that their floral shop would remain open, myself included. Crimson Ridge is always my go-to spot for floral arrangements, especially when I need to just run in and pick up something beautiful on the fly.

Knowing that the floral shop at Crimson Ridge would still be open after the floors above were permanently closed made the blow a little easier to take...until yesterday when I spotted this on Crimson Ridge's Facebook;

While I completely understand and respect the decision the Crimson Ridge family has made, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see them go and that this will be the last holiday season where I can get a bunch of unique gifts beautifully wrapped for family and friends.

The Silver Lining to Crimson Ridge Closing

Crimson Ridge may be saying its final farewell to Rockford soon, but there is a silver lining to this sad story...we can save a whole bunch of money on some really cool stuff!

If bargain hunting is your favorite thing to do, you better run, not walk, into Crimson Ridge right now! Here are just a few of the amazing deals still up for grabs at Crimson Ridge this week...


To Kip, and the entire Crimson Ridge family, I would like to say; thanks for 27 years of fond memories, beautiful flowers, great shopping, and fabulously wrapped gifts. You all will be greatly missed by the entire Rockford area for many years to come. Enjoy your retirement and soak up every moment!

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

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