Illinois-based Walgreens is continuing to cut, from closing stores to eliminating some corporate staff, and here's what may be coming next.

Walgreens Already Cut 5 Percent of Workforce in 2023

There were more than 260 positions at the Walgreens corporate office that were eliminated at the end of 2023, and now another 145 workers are losing their jobs primarily from its "corporate workforce."

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According to a report from Supermarket News, the Walgreens layoffs "impact a range of departments within the company" and the spokesperson commented that Walgreens is "committed" to supporting anyone who loses their job with "severance and outplacement services during this difficult time."

Walgreens Closing Location in Downtown Rockford

In June of last year (2023), Walgreens announced they would be closing more than 150 of their locations, and now we're getting confirmation of another closure within the next couple of weeks.


According to the signs posted on the building, the Walgreens in downtown Rockford, Illinois at 1201 E. State Street will close one week from today on Monday, February 19.

Walgreens made headlines on Jan. 24 with a report from Crain’s Chicago Business noting that the company is considering selling Shields Health Solutions for as much as $4 billion.

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