With the ease of shopping online and having the groceries show up on your front doorstep, grocery stores are finding it harder to survive.

Many Illinois Stores Closed for Good in 2023

Last year it seemed like every couple of weeks we would hear about a major chain store closing their doors forever. Best Buy, Rite Aid, CVS, and Bed Bath and Beyond were just some of the big brands with Illinois and Wisconsin stores closing down last year.

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In just a couple of days, a merger closing could begin that would sell off more than a dozen grocery store locations in Illinois, according to Finance Buzz.

Over 400 Towns Losing a Popular Grocery Chain Store

When a merger between two of America's biggest grocery brands is completed, hundreds of communities would lose their store.


According to the Finance Buzz report, more than 400 Albertsons and Kroger locations will be spun off to the wholesaler that owns Piggly-Wiggly.

The merger won't close until after January 17, 2024.

Which Illinois Kroger Stores Will Be Closing?

Finance Buzz says that Illinois has 104 Kroger locations around the state, with the majority of them being in the Chicago area.

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While the exact location of the Kroger stores isn't provided in this report, it does say that Illinois has 14 locations included in the merger proposal that will be sold to wholesalers.

According to the report, California will have 66 stores affected by the Albertsons - Kroger merger, where there are currently 307 Kroger stores in California and 124 Albertsons stores.

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