There are many reasons that Spaghetti has always been a favorite meal in Illinois, from being easy to prepare in large quantities to the budget-friendly ingredients, making it an economical choice for feeding the family.

Pretty much everyone can enjoy Spaghetti with all the different sauce options like tomato-based, creamy, meaty, or vegetarian—offering options to suit diverse tastes within the family.

January 4 is National Spaghetti Day in Illinois, Wisconsin

It's a day to pick your favorite sauce and add it to "long, thin cylindrical pasta of Italian and Sicilian origin."

In March of 2009, the world record for the largest bowl of spaghetti was set and then reset in March of 2010 when a Garden Grove California Buca di Beppo restaurant successfully filled a swimming pool with more than 13,780 pounds of pasta. -National Day Calendar

Some of the popular sauces include "garlic and oil, tomato sauce, meat sauce, bolognese, Alfredo sauce, or clam sauce," according to the National Day Calendar.

Favorite Rockford Area Restaurants for Spaghetti

We asked you what restaurant in the Stateline serves up the best Spaghetti and you've given us a lot of fantastic food joints to choose from, but there were a few who considered their homemade recipe better than anything you can get when going out to eat.

Why would anyone pay 2 eat out spaghetti lol. Easiest meal ever ! They charge 5 times what'd you'd pay lol . Unless you can't cook lol . Our personal homemade spaghetti is as good as any in Rockford and were not even Italian lol. -Shawn W.


Never makes sense to me to get spaghetti at a restaurant. It's a cheap meal, super easy. When I go out I want something I wouldn’t normally make at home. -Peggie K.

Here are the Favorite Restaurants for Spaghetti around Rockford

Best Rockford Food Joints for Spaghetti

Gallery Credit: Johnny Vincent

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