If you've been watching the evening news on your favorite local TV channel recently and started wondering why a familiar face you've been used to seeing for many years isn't there, you're not the only one.

Viewers Wondering What Happened to a Popular TV Host

Back on March 12 of this year (2024), someone posted a question on a local Rockford Facebook page asking the question "What is going on with news anchor Eric Wilson?"

It was something many of us were wondering after a couple of weeks into March when we weren't seeing the Eyewitness News team of Eric Wilson and Mimi Murphy during the 10 o'clock news anymore.

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While there was lots of speculation about what happened to Wilson, most of the comments on the Facebook post were from viewers who said they enjoyed watching Eric and Mimi.

"Really enjoyed him on the evening news," said Renee Cain via Facebook.

After several weeks without seeing Eric Wilson on the WTVO evening news and then a new host appearing on the Stateline Quiz Bowl, it was clear a change had been made.

Eric Wilson Shares What His Next Role Will Be After TV

In a post on his Facebook page this past Friday (4/19), Eric Wilson revealed more details about why abruptly disappeared from Eyewitness News and where he will be going next.

"I’m probably done with television. I’ve learned in my several decades on the planet to never say never, but I don’t anticipate going back," Wilson posted on Facebook.

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According to the post, Wilson said he was immediately pulled off the air after his contract at WTVO wasn't renewed, even though episodes of the Stateline Quiz Bowl that were already recorded aired with Eric Wilson as the host through the weekend of March 22 and 23.

Hosting the popular local quiz show is "truly the part of the job I'm going to miss the most," Wilson said in a Facebook post.

You'll still see Eric Wilson around the Rockford community as he is now the new director of the Crusader Community Health Foundation, and will continue to teach at Rock Valley College.

As a family, we’ve put in a lot of effort over the years to help organizations make this community a better place. My new position gives me the opportunity to do that every day. This is brand new for me. But, I’ve handled change well before. I believe it will be the same this time. -Eric Wilson via Facebook

Wilson ended his Facebook post saying "it feels nice to be appreciated again."

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