You don't have to convince me that Illinois has some of the best and biggest living within the borders of our state.

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But did you know that many of our residents in Illinois have once held onto a world record from the Guinness Book of World Records?

10 Illinois Residents Who Have Amazing World Records

Eric Klabel: World's Largest Popsicle Stick

In Naperville, Illinois 12-year-old Eric Klabel built the world's tallest popsicle stick structure at over 20 feet tall, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Owen Farmer: Most Cans Crushed With Unicycle in 1 Minute

Chicago's Owen Farmer crushed 12 cans as he used a unicycle, and set a world record.

George Hood: Longest Plank

62-year-old George Hood from Naperville held a plank for 8 straight hours, setting a world record.

Michael Dehn: Most Unused Concert Tickets Bought By An Individual

Chicago resident Michael Dehn bought nearly 80,000 unused tickets for the November 1980 concert with Led Zeppelin at the Chicago Stadium that was canceled.

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Bridgette Jordan: World's Shortest Living Woman

Sandoval, Illinois resident Bridgette Jordan was the World's Shortest Woman at 2 feet 3 inches tall. She died in 2019 at the age of 30.

Emily Canellos-Simms: Largest Library Book Fine Paid

Kewanee, Illinois resident Emily Canellos-Simms had an overdue library book fine of $345 from a book that was checked out 47 years earlier, and she didn't even borrow the book. It was found at Simms' mom's house, according to Readers Digest.

Most Multiples in the Same Academic School Year

There were 44 sets of twins at Winnetka High School during the same school year which set a world record.

Most Consecutive Footbag Kicks

Ted Martin from Des Plaines, Illinois set the record of 63,326 consecutive footbag kicks that took nearly 9 hours in Champaign

Oldest Singer to Debut with a Symphony Orchestra

97-year-old Polly Roesch from Springfield is the oldest singer to ever debut with a symphony orchestra, and that's a World Record.

Louis Demers: Oldest Active Lifeguard

Piotr Lichwala: Most Raspberries Eaten in One Minute

Just last year in Springfield, Illinois, Piotr Lichwala set the record by eating 95 raspberries in one minute.

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