It is the end of an era as yet another popular chain store will be closing all its locations by the end of June.

We Knew The End Was Near But It Came Fast

The announcement of national chains closing their locations around the country has been happening so often, it really doesn't seem like any retailer is completely immune from having to downsize or close its doors altogether.

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A popular home goods and furnishings store is nearing the end of its run that began more than 50 years ago.

360 Stores including Illinois and Wisconsin Will Close By July 1

In their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Bed Bath and Beyond announced that they would be closing all 360 stores nationally, including their buy buy Baby owned properties by June 30.

Gift cards are no longer being honored at either store, and the last day to return any merchandise has already passed (May 24). But you still may find some last-minute deals if you pop into a Bed Bath and Beyond store, or CLICK HERE to find out about coupons.

Online Retailer Buying Some of Bed Bath and Beyond's 'Stuff'

According to Reuters, the internet retailer is buying "intellectual property, business data, rights to mobile applications, and will also assume certain liabilities of Bed Bath & Beyond" for $21.5 million.

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Why is There a Recent Job Posting for a Store That is Closing?

Even though they will be closing permanently by the end of this month (June 2023) according to their Chapter 11 filing, a job posting on for a 'Part-Time Store Associate' at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Rockford was made on June 16.

Yeah, that's definitely a part-time job. And your start and end date will likely be less than a week apart.

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