A local restaurant in Byron, Illinois that has been a summer hotspot for decades is hanging up its aprons and closing its doors for good.

Drive-In Restaurant Memories

When I was a kid every time we spent the night at our grandparents' house during the summer they would take us to a  Bing's Drive-In restaurant for dinner, and my brother and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world!



Not only did we get to eat in the car, (which never was usually allowed by my grandparents or my parents), but we got to have a chocolate malt instead of milk with our dinner,  AND we got to play on the playground after we ate. Some of my favorite memories of my grandparents involve the summer nights we spent at the drive-in, and I know many Stateline area families would agree have made similar memories at other drive-in restaurants in the area...especially Sam's Drive-In in Byron.

Sam's Drive-In Announces Permanent Closing

Now that the fall leaves are flying, many summer favorites in the Rockford area are getting ready to close for the 2023 season, but one summertime favorite, Sam's Drive-In, is closing for good.

Sam's Drive-In via Facebook
Sam's Drive-In via Facebook

It's a vast understatement to say the Stateline area, especially Byron, was saddened to see this announcement posted on the restaurant's Facebook Thursday night...

Here's the announcement;

I want to personally thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the last 18 years and 19 actual seasons. As of Sunday Oct 8th at 8pm, I will be hanging up my Sam’s hat for the last time. This has been a hard decision for me to make, but it is the correct one for me at this time. I will miss all my employees (especially ones who still come back to see me with their own families now. I will always consider them my kids) and the many faithful and loyal customers. Thank You for supporting my small family business for all these years!! NEVER GOODBYE .. ALWAYS SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!
Love Always Shirlee Aldrich

Future Plans for Sam's Drive-In

The announcement from Sam's Drive-In may not mention anything about the future of the restaurant, but some of my friends in Byron are saying, (or maybe just hoping), that the business will be sold to another local family that will keep the delicious traditions alive. I guess we'll just have to see what the future holds.

If you're hoping to enjoy one last bite at Sam's this weekend, here are the hours it will be open...

Now let's just hope Sam's doesn't sell out of food before we get there!

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