One cup of coffee is a must-have for me every morning, and I'm far from a coffee snob. The only things I need coffee to have in order for me to drink it are;

  • caffeine
  • flavor
  • creamer

I understand that putting flavored creamer in my coffee takes away from the true taste of flavored coffee, but I don't care, drinking it black is not my thing.


It might not take much to satisfy my coffee cravings, but I do know a good coffee when I taste it, and Rockford's own Fire Dept. Coffee certainly knows how to make good coffee. They also excel at creating unique blends with a special purpose.

Here's Fire Dept. Coffee's latest creation, and I 100 percent love the idea...

Obviously, a Rockford Peaches coffee would taste like peaches, right? The description on Fire Dept. Coffee's website sounds even better;

This expertly crafted coffee combines the bold richness of freshly roasted coffee beans and the natural flavors of sweet peaches with a smooth, creamy finish. With each sip, you’re transported to an era of resilience and empowerment, honoring the legacy of both our hometown and the trailblazing athletes who inspired it.

More Things to Love From Fire Dept. Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee has a massive selection of coffee blends and flavors to try and they offer grounds, pods, and whole beans. If you're in the mood for something unique, here are two you should try...

Spirit Infused Coffee - Fire Dept. Coffee offers over 8 flavors of spirit-infused coffee to choose from like Irish Whiskey, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, and Caramel Apple Whiskey.

Ready to Drink Coffee - When you don't have time to brew your coffee, just drink it from a can! Fire Dept. Coffee offers ready-to-drink cans in spirit-infused flavors too!

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