If you did not renew you Illinois license plate sticker, you may get a break on the fine.

WIFR-TV is reporting that legislators in Springfield have introduced a measure that would suspend late fees if you did not renew your license plate on time.

Due to the ongoing Illinois budget crisis, to save money, The Secretary of State's office suspended sending out reminder notices to Illinois motorists back in October. The cost cutting measure reportedly saves the office $450,000 a month on postage.

As a result of not receiving a reminder in the mail, many motorists have not renewed their Illinois license plates and have been receiving tickets by their local municipalities, some, like the Village of Schaumburg are making a windfall off the the fines. In December the town made $50,450 off the fines

Representative Jaime Andrade of Chicago, is sponsoring a measure that would suspend the $20.00 fine until the the Illinois budget is in place. Illinois budget is late by eight months (and counting) and no resolution is in sight. Andrade believes the fine unfair to individuals who have to live on a budget.

According to WIFR:

The Associated Press reported Thursday that drivers paid more than $2.7 million in fines from Jan. 1 through Feb. 22. That's $1.2 million more than a year ago.

The legislation is currently being considered, but has not been signed into law, yet.