Shopping at Woodfield Mall could cost you an extra $50.00.

No one likes getting tickets, but some communities love giving out them out and love the money it generates. It could cost you an extra $50.00 if your Illinois tags are not up to date and your park at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. The village is reaping a ton of money off the fines.

Prior to September 2015, Illinois residents with license plates used to receive a notice in the mail to reminding them to renew their stickers. But, due to the state's budget crisis and cost involved,  the Illinois Secretary of State's office no longer does that. You are now on your own to remember to renew. A lot of people are forgetting, and some towns are taking advantage of that and are reaping financial benefits.

The Daily Herard reports that an investigation it conducted, revealed that in the month of January, 816  cars were ticketed by the Village of Schaumburg for violating the town's prohibited parking ordinance. The ordinance requires a valid Illinois Registration sticker. The fine is $50.00

The investigation also revealed that police issued a vast majority of tickets at Woodfield Mall. Here is what the Daily Herald discovered:

n 2015, the village received $265,760 in fines from tickets for this offense. Of that, $50,450 of it came from tickets issued in December, according to the village. Tickets in December were up 56 percent from the same month in 2014, according to police records.

The Village of Schaumburg makes no apologies for this. So you best advice is to check your vehicle sticker, and make sure it is up to date before you venture out for a day of shopping.

I hope Cherry Valley doesn't come up with the same idea at Cherryvale Mall.









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