We've been bringing you plenty of stories over the past year about some of America's most iconic stores closing up their doors and going out of business.

From a popular store for babies to a discount grocer, no business seems to be invincible from shutting down in our recent shopping environment.

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Now it's time to share some good news about a potential business opening a location in Illinois if the city council approves the request.

Grocery Chain Could Start New Construction in Illinois by Summer 2025

A new location of an Ohio-based grocery chain could be coming next Summer now that planning and zoning commissioners are on board with Heinen's building a store in Naperville, Illinois.

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According to a report from Supermarket News, there are currently four Heinen's grocery stores in Illinois located in Glenview, Barrington, Bannockburn, and Bainbridge.

Naperville City Council will now need to approve the plan for the new store, and if it passes, construction will get underway later this year with an opening planned in 2025.

Where Would Heinen's in Naperville Be Located?

Approval for the new Heinen's in Naperville is getting closer, and according to the report from Supermarket News, the store will be built on the site of the former Butera.

Heinen's will reportedly demolish the shopping center at East Chicago Avenue near Pembroke to make room for Heinen's location, which will be built on the west side of the property.

I think it’s a fantastic addition, specifically to that lot. -Commissioner Derek McDaniel said.

Residents who live along Pembroke Road, every Wednesday said the "layout would mean the loading docks and rear of the store would be closer to their homes and a neighborhood park."

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