Looking for a fun summer job?

If you like to travel, like yogurt and you like food, Noosa Yoghurt is looking for you.

They're hiring flavor finders.

ABC7 shares that Noosa Yoghurt is looking for five individuals who will travel the country looking for the next fabulous flavors for their yogurts.

If you love taking pictures of food and traveling too then this may be up your alley.

"Those who are chosen will be given a $2,000 stipend to travel and share photos of food in hopes of inspiring the next flavor. They'll also travel to the company's farm in Bellvue, Colorado at the beginning of the gig."

By the way this job begins May 7th and runs till September 1st.

Cool... I wish I would have done something like this when I was in college.

How fun you get paid to travel try foods and and give the company ideas for yogurt flavorings.

Just think you could be strolling through grocery store and see your flavor on the cooler shelves. That's kind of neat.

If you're interested in applying you need to get your application in before April 30th.

Here's how to apply.

You can "share a photo of food that you think would inspire your dream flavor. Then post it to Instagram or Twitter while tagging @noosayoghurt and using the hashtag #flavorfindercontest." Or just apply online at noosayoghurt.com.



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