No state budget, yet. Some would call this good news, others call it bad news.

As it stands now, it is "us vs. the City of Chicago". July 1st is the day that road projects and other services are expected to come to a halt if the Illinois State budget is not approved.

No Budget Vote Today, Illinois Taxpayers Win? No tax Increase, yet.
Sen Dave Syverson

It appears as seem legislators are beginning to work together. State Sen Dave Syversen said that progress is coming:

Great day of negotiating - I am happy to announce Taxpayers Win!  Here is latest. We have budget agreement to be voted on tomorrow NO Bailout for Chicago
NO tax increase
Funds, schools, roads, human services..
Not perfect but most happy about stopping the $475 million Chicago bailout.. Shows we can fight the establishment and win sometimes

Good work, Dave. Negotiations continue in Springfield.  The sticking point is that powerful Speaker of the House Michael Madigan (D- Chicago) wants to to spend $475,000,000 to bail out the troublesome Chicago school system, while Republican legislators believe the money should be evenly distributed to schools throughout the State of Illinois.

We'll see what happens on Friday.

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