The two senators that represent the Rockford area have been notably silent on their position on the proposed 40% state income tax hike now before the Illinois Senate.

If you have been around Illinois politics for more than a few weeks, you know that silence is usually a bad thing for your wallet.

The Illinois Senate is considering a number of measures to balance the state's budget, which has been unbalanced for over 18 months. One item is the regressive soda tax we reported on that would assess a tax of 1 cent PER ounce of soda for every soft drink sold in Illinois. As of today, according to the Chicago tribune, that tax has been put on hold.

However, what will hurt anyone who works in Illinois, is a massive 40% income tax increase that would raise the tax rate of from 3.75% to 5.25%, a 40% increase. this tax would cost the average Illinois worker an additional $750 a year.

So where do our local Senator's stand on the issue? We don't know. they won't say.

The Rockford Area is represented by Steve Stadelman (D) and Dave Syverson (R). Also representing the the Stateline are Sen Tim Bivens (r) of Dixon and Sen Pamela Althoff (R) of McHenry

I asked all four of our local Senators on Tuesday where they stand on the income tax hike and and here are their postions:

Sen Bivens (R - Dixon)  Voting NO on The tax increase

Sen Syverson (R - Rockford) Did not respond to me on this issue

Sen Stadelman  (D - Rockford) No decision according to his spokesperson

Sen Altholf (R - McHenry) No response

On the subject of tax increases, according to the Illinois Policy Institute two Stateline Senators signed pledges to NOT RAISE TAXES. Will they follow through.


  • Tim Bivins, R-Dixon
  • Dave Syverson, R-Rockford


However, in an article published by TaxpayersunitedofAmerica back in 2014, Sen Syverson was called out for being the first Republican to call for an income tax increase.

It would be nice if we can get an answer. the Senate is poised to take up the 40% Income tax hike measure this week.

It should be noted that Sen Altholf will not respond to my repeated requests for her opinion on issued I have inquired about. Sen Stadelman has only spoken with me through his spokesman and has never issued a direct statement to me.

Contact your State Senator today and voice your opinion before it's too late

Sen Syverson can be contacted here

Sen Bivens can be contacted HERE.

Sen Stademan can be contacted at:

Sen. Altholf can be reached HERE




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