Drivers in Illinois already face a 34 cent per gallon tax when they fill up at the pump. Now comes word of a new tax that will cost Illinois drivers dearly. 

Its called a VMT tax. VMT stands for vehicle miles traveled.

Here's how it would work. All vehicle owners would be charged taxes on fuel based on how many miles an individual drives, instead of how much gas he or she burns. The problem is that individuals who have to drive more miles would pay more taxes. People living in rural communities, who have to travel further, would get stuck paying more than those who live in large cities, like Chicago.

According to The Daily Herald, Democratic Illinois Governor candidate JB Pritzker has floated the idea of taxing vehicles based on miles driven. He said

It’s only fair if you’re on a road and traveling on that road then you should pay your fair share on the road like everybody else is paying,

So where would the new money generated go ? According to the Daily Herald, Pritzker said the revenue would be used on rebuilding roads, bridges and waterways. He also stated that some of the money would go for statewide broadband internet access.

You might recall back in 2016, Illinois Democratic Senate leader John Cullerton introduced a bill that would have required tracking devices to be installed in every vehicle to track mileage. Taxes would have been levied on millage vehicle owners traveled, in addition to the 34 cent per gallon tax.

There is opposition to the VMT proposal as sixteen Illinois House representatives, including Freeport Representative Brian W. Stewart (R), have signed to a measure specifically opposing the measure. Its called the NO PER MILE DRIVING TAX resolution. It was introduced in Springfield on July 2, 2018. It opposes any state taxes based on the number of miles driven.

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