If you have traveled along enough of a stretch of an Illinois interstate or highway you've likely driven past an electronic message board. These signs read a variety of messages like traffic updates and time, public safety alerts, and the occasional attention-grabbing message. Sometimes the messages are so great it takes your eyes off the road, which seems counterintuitive, but what do I know?

The Illinois Department of Transportation always posts clever messages over the roadways encouraging drivers to drive sober and keep their phones down, until now.

Here are some examples of messages that have popped up on those electronic boards along I-90 in Illinois.

IDOT Puts Up 'Must Snapchat' Sign In the Middle of I-90
breezyjay2 via Instagram via Barstool Chicago via Twitter

One of the signs along the Kennedy Expressway cleverly drops one of the biggest rules around Illinois and definitely in Chicagoland. This one has to do two things we're all guilty of doing and one I would venture to say plenty a lot of people do.

The latter has to do with food, primarily what you do NOT put on a hot dog.

Illinois Department of Transportation
Jason Adams via Facebook

Because ketchup doesn't belong on a hotdog? This isn't nearly as good as what popped up recently.

Now here's a little marijuana wordplay... but it's still got nothing on what you're about to read.

Illinois State Police via Facebook
Illinois State Police via Facebook

Finally, the message you've been scrolling for. This a well-worded reminder to put your phone down and keep your eyes on the road, all based on a 2 Live Crew song that I'm not brave enough to include a link to in this article.

Although funny and clever, I'm not sure anyone who would understand the reference would be able to follow the law and keep their phone in their pocket.

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