All Illinois motorists may soon be required to have one of these tracking devices installed in their cars and trucks in the near future if new legislation is passed is Springfield.

The device pictured is a transponder that is used by motorists in state of Oregon to track mileage of vehicles that have signed up for OReGO. OReGO is a system in place in Oregon where volunteers pay a road usage charge for the amount of miles they drive, instead of the fuel tax.

In Oregon, it's an optional program, however, in Illinois, if some politicians get their way it would be mandatory for anyone who drives in Illinois.

According to the Daily Herald, talk of this new method of collecting revenue from drivers, has entered the race for Illinois Governor. Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate JB Pritzger (D) has floated the idea of a new VMT (Vehicle Mileage tax).

Under this system motorists would be taxed based on the number of miles they drive. The more you drive, the more you pay.

Illinois Governor Rauner opposes the idea. He told

Pritzker has proposed a mileage tax on cars. He has proposed a tax, put a box in your car, measure your miles and pay a tax based on how many miles you drive.

Rauner has a new campaign ad that states that Pritzger does want to tax drivers. In the ad he states:

He wants a car tax, which will also come along with a tracking device. How much is that going to cost us just to drive to a family member's house?

Pritzger says he denies the idea. He said “I don’t have a proposal for a mileage tax.”

We can expect both candidates will continue to debate this issue through election day in November. Many lawmakers have signed on to a measure to oppose mandatory tracking devices.

VMT charges also face opposition from the American Civil Liberties Union, which sees warrant less GPS tracking as a violation of personal privacy.

Many Illinoisans are leery of having a tracking device that would allow the state track there whereabouts.



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