For drivers that don't use I-PASS, the Illinois Tollway is adding self-service lanes in some areas.

I've had an I-PASS in my car for so long, it's hard to remember life without it.

I do have an aunt that stills doesn't have one. She barely ever goes on the tollway, so it makes sense.

I was driving back from the Bears game a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed how long the lines were for the manual tolls on I-90. There is basically one lane open for all those people that don't have I-PASS.

Now, they are trying to help with that back-up.

According to the Illinois Tollway Facebook page,

"No I-PASS? Self-service lanes are now available at select locations. These lanes accept I-PASS, cash, coins bills, and credit cards. NO CHANGE IS GIVEN in these lanes. They are open 24/7."

I guess we will have to see if that will help.


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