It is now officially the time of year where I personally struggle to find motivation or energy to do anything productive; it's just so much easier to cozy up under a blanket on the couch when it's cold outside. If you suffer from similar motivation struggles, perhaps this playful 10-month-old dog is the answer to your's pretty hard to say no to an energetic, wagging tail and an adorable face begging to play with you.

Meet, Ducatti, today's Pet of the Week from Winnebago County Animal Services. Here's what Amber Pinnon, Volunteer and Adoption Program Coordinator for WCAS, had to say about Ducati;

Our friend Ducatti is working extra hard here at the shelter so someone will adopt him! At 10-months –old Ducatti is excited to learn! His favorite things are peanut butter stuffed Kongs, and big rope toys. Ducatti is enthusiastic about meeting new people, but he knows he needs to work on his jumpy behaviors. Ducatti would do best in a home that can handle his zest for life and need for adventure! He prefers to be the center of attention and loves to spend time with his favorite people!

If you've got the time, love, and energy to devote to cute Ducatti, please fill out an adoption application now at

One last thing, maybe your home is already too full to adopt another animal, but you would like to help other animals in need, Winnebago County Animal Services desperately needs donations of wet dog food and soft dog treats. Please consider dropping off some supplies at the shelter today! (Recognize one of the sweet faces in this photo? 😍)

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