Winnebago County Animals Services in Rockford has issued an urgent plea for adopters as its dog population reaches "critical capacity".

There's one big thing I never like to see attached to anything posted by Winnebago County Animal Services in Rockford; the words "urgent" and "critical", and today I saw both of them...

Sadly, reaching population capacity limits is nothing new for Winnebago County Animal Services and other animal rescues throughout Illinois. So many wonderful animals find themselves lost, abandoned, or suddenly without an owner every single day, and shelters like WCAS are always there to help them, BUT they can only handle so much.

It's time for Rockford's animal-loving community to step up and ADOPT!

The Best Reasons to Adopt a Pet

The way I see it, adopting a pet from an animal shelter is a win/win/win situation. You win because you get a new animal to love up on, care for, and cuddle. The pet you choose wins because they get a new family and home to call its own, but the biggest win comes for other animals. By adopting just one pet from a shelter, you free up room and resources for other animals in need.

If those reasons are good enough for you, how about the proven mental and health benefits that come from having a pet...

  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • Pets can help lower blood pressure in stressful situations.
  • Playing with pets increases serotonin and dopamine levels which make you feel happier and more relaxed.
  • People over age 65 who have pets tend to make fewer visits to the doctor than those without pets.
  • Dogs, specifically, are excellent exercise partners and are great motivators to get outside and stay active.

Are you now convinced you need to adopt a dog today? I sure hope so! Start your adoption journey right now at!

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