Earlier this week I lost my beloved rescue dog Urban whom I adopted from a Rockford animal shelter over 15 years ago. He had just celebrated his 17th birthday the week before he passed, and he was my very first "baby".

I snapped this selfie with my beloved Urban as we enjoyed our last boat ride together over Labor Day weekend, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life...

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Townsquare Media

So, why am I telling you this sad story? Because I know first-hand how amazing it is to welcome a shelter pet into your heart and home, and you should totally do it too!

Winnebago County Animal Services is Offering $5 Cat Adoptions

While no animal will ever be able to replace Urban's spot in my heart, I know that there are MANY more animals in need of a loving home right now. If cats are what you fancy, you need to go to Winnebago County Animals in Rockford ASAP. Here's why...

Most animal shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens who need homes during this time of the year, and the fact that there are so many cats waiting to find loving homes at Winnebago County Animal Services right now completely breaks my already shattered heart.

Will you please visit winnebagoanimals.org, choose your purrfect cat companion, and then fill out an adoption application right now? Remember, this cat adoption event only runs through tomorrow, Saturday, September 10, 2022, and getting an adoption application approved now will have you one step closer to bringing your new furry best friend home today or tomorrow. Good luck! (See pics of adoptable cats, here).

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