We've all played the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors". Whether it's out of boredom on a long car ride, or it's for making a decision, that game has been around forever.

Now a local resident, Kathy Craig, is looking to revolutionize it for mass production as a game.

Watch the video below of how the idea of RPS Revolution came about.



Well that's an interesting concept. It's really taking the old adage of "why recreate the wheel", just embellish it. Kathy Craig has just kicked the game up a notch, where the players of Rock, Paper Scissors are actually playing to collect characters. I can see this as a fun rainy day game, or good for traveling on those long car trips or even on a plane ride to while away the minutes or hours.

What do think about RPS Revolution?

If you like to help Kathy get this game into production, click here.