It's almost swim season in Illinois, and as you're out shopping for new suits for your kids, there is one color of swimsuit safety officials say you should definitely leave on the rack.

Counting Down the Days to Swimming Fun

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, I'm willing to bet you're in the same boat I am in right now...your kids ask you at least 5 times a day, "When will you open up the pool so we can swim?". Slow down kids, our pool is not heated so it's not quite pool time yet, BUT it is time to start preparing.

The new pool floats, swim toys and beach towels have been purchased, so now it's time to get some swimsuits. I have two daughters, so suits featuring mermaids and unicorns usually hit our cart first, but I read something today that has made me seriously rethink their swimsuit choices.

Certain Swimsuit Colors Help Save Lives

I will admit that never once have I thought about certain swimsuit colors posing a safety risk for my kids, but I just found the proof.

A Today article says;

In a recent test study, ALIVE Solutions Inc., a company that specializes in aquatic safety, put swimsuit colors to the test to see their visibility in both pools and open water.

ALIVE Solutions tested many common colors of swimsuits in pools with dark and light bottoms, as well as open water such as lakes, and discovered the lighter the swimsuit, the harder it is to spot kids swimming under the water, especially when that water is disturbed.

As you can see in these graphics, light blue and white suits pretty much disappear underneath disturbed water, and that is definitely NOT a good thing!

Aquatic Safety Connection via Facebook
Aquatic Safety Connection via Facebook
Aquatic Safety Connection via Facebook
Aquatic Safety Connection via Facebook

The swimsuit patterns can also make a difference when it comes to safety...

The moral of this swimsuit story is;

When buying a swimsuit suit for your kid, look for neon colors with contrasting patterns. It might just save their life!

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