Look closely at this street sign. Can you why tell residents in this Northern Illinois town outraged with the sign?

In Naperville, Illinois you will find "Hassert Street" and town residents are not happy to have a street in their town named after the disgraced US House Speaker who was sentenced to prison on Wednesday after he admitted he abused students when he was a coach at Yorkville High School back in the 1980's.

The Chicago Tribune reports that residents have been complaining to Naperville Mayor Steve Chirio that they should not have a street in their town named after a pedophile.

Wait one second, what's wrong with this picture?

The residents are complaining about having a street named after Dennis Hastert, the street is actually "Hassert Blvd".

Apparently the affluent residents of Naperville are not that smart. Read, people, read! According to the Tribune:

The two names are very similar. However, the moniker was chosen to honor the Hassert family, who have been Will County residents since 1866. The road name, bestowed in 2003, runs between Route 59 and 248th Avenue in Will County. On the opposite side of Route 59, it's 111th Street.