Seeing things like this on social media totally make my day. They serve as a wonderful reminder that amazing, caring people do exist all over the Stateline, and some days we need reminders like that.

Today's wonderful reminder is about a boy named Frankie who lives in Roscoe and is undergoing major brain surgery on Thursday to treat the Epilepsy he has suffered from since he was 18 months old.

Tuesday was Frankie's last day of 3rd grade, and this is the surprise sight that awaited him as he left the house to go to school yesterday thanks to the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department....


As with any brain surgery, Frankie has a long road of recovery ahead of him this summer, and his parents will be losing time at work to take care of him. With less money coming in, and more medical expenses piling up, Frankie's family needs any help they can get. A GoFundMe has been established for Frankie and his family, and any help they receive will be greatly appreciated.

Good luck tomorrow, Frankie! Our prayers and thoughts will be with you...

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