The Corpse Flower,"Spike", is almost ready to bloom and the Chicago Botanic Garden invites you to come see and smell it for yourself.

If your wondering if it's smell is in it's name, you're absolutely right. It gives off a stinky dead and rotten smell, much like a corpse would.

"Spike" as the Chicago botanic Gardens has named him, is a Morpafalus Titanium. These are the largest flower in the world.  When in bloom, according to this WGN article, the flower will stand over seven feet.

Spike is one of nine corpse flowers at the Chicago Botanical Garden that attracts thousands of visitors.  Once he blooms the Chicago Botanic Garden has stated "that they will stay open until 2 a.m. to share the beauty and the unique scent with any who may be interested.

"The flower itself is a gorgeous deep red, but the garden says that "about 12 hours before the flower blooms it will release it's stink, or rather smell, that lasts for another 16 hours or so after it opens."

Hmmm... it would be interesting to see I'm not sure I'd enjoy smelling that. However, seeing it only blooms every 12 years, I guess risking the smell would be worth it. Maybe?

To learn more about Spike and what the Chicago Botanical Garden has to offer, click here.