We're coming up on the year anniversary of the Fairdale tornado on April 9, and one Fairdale resident named Clem Schultz has chosen to remember the day by sharing the chilling video he captured of the storm that killed his wife, Geri.



Clem Schultz told the Daily Herald that he continued to film the tornado until he lost grip of his phone while falling and being buried under rubble as the tornado literally ripped through his home. According to the Daily Herald,  a neighbor was able to dig Clem out within four minutes of the tornado's passing, but told him, "don't look down." When Clem asked why the neighbor said, "Because your wife is right under you. She's dead."

Schultz has since shared his video with a meteorology student who is using it in his doctorate about the internal structures of tornadoes. Of his video Schultz says, "I'm proud of it. My video is saving lives."

To read more of Clem Schultz's recount of this fateful day, read the complete Daily Herald article here.