For the next several months both the Brookfield and Lincoln Park Zoos will be housing additional guests.

As over two dozen endangered box turtles recently hatched.

This is part of the "headstart" program by the U.S. Fishing and Wildlife Service, as reported by WIFR, which provided the hatch lings to both zoos to help care for, protect and raise until they are ready to be returned back into the wild at protected areas of Savannah, IL.

26 box turtles were born at the zoos and will remain until there until they are ready to be released. This is a mission to study the turtles as well as protect them as they are endangered and to help restore their population in Illinois.

They are really cute looking. Now, I would make an exception and enter the reptile house to see these turtles. However, I will bypass any snake exhibit in there. I hate snakes.